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Work Under Your Own Terms

The Bolnick Tax Group is committed to allowing everyone working in the organization to set their own hours and determine the number of client files they wish to service.  We strongly believe in our people achieving the “Work-Life Balance” and “Quality of Life” philosophy as defined by each of them.

Our client returns are classified by degree of difficulty as "Basic, Intermediate, or Complex.".  Based on your level of experience and your preferences, we assign you only those client files you are most comfortable servicing at this stage of your career.

Team members consist of "Tax Professionals and Administrative Support". Our Tax Professionals function as a tax return "Preparer, Reviewer, Signer, and Consultant".  Each is compensated based on a percentage of the fee received on each return they work on for each function they perform. Admin support is compensated for the hours they choose to work.  All team members are paid as Independent Contractors.

The firm has a discretionary bonus pool paid in November each year based on each team member's overall contribution to the firm's annual success. Factors considered by management in determining bonuses are: 

  1. Experience level of the team member and their availability
  2. The number of files they work on and the functions they fulfill
  3. Total revenue generated by each team member
  4. Feedback from clients on their experience working with the team member
  5. Contributions made to support other team members
  6. Knowledge of tax software and sharing/training of other team members

The BTG Work Environment

The Bolnick Tax Group has accordingly adapted to a total virtual, remote, work from anywhere workplace model.  With our enhanced technological capabilities and the need to provide ultimate flexibility for our team members and our clients, we can perform our duties in the utmost secured platform and allow everyone to work from anywhere they choose.

Team Member Onboarding & Benefits

Our introductory training exercise to get you familiarized with the Thomson Reuters Ultra Tax software the firm uses, will consist of you entering your own prior year tax return into Ultra Tax. The system will allow you to password protect your file and deny access to anyone else. In addition, everyone will be asked to enter an assigned number of new client’s prior year tax returns. The purpose is to provide additional training and familiarity to the software and alleviate the need to have Ultra Tax perform a conversion of the file. We will review how you have completed the returns and provide one-on-one training while you work through these returns. Our objective is to standardize for all firm preparers how data is entered into each file.

To encourage you to learn the software faster and become extremely knowledgeable on its uses, we allow you to prepare a limited number of “Family & Friends” returns using the software at no cost to you, other than any additional fees the firm incurs that is not included in our fixed price subscription.  Additionally, the firm will allow you to retain any fees any of your Family & Friends choose to pay you.

Contact Us if Interested in Joining the BTG Team

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Christine Learnahan

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