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Why You'll Want To Hire Us

Wouldn’t you like to have a personal tax advisor that is willing to nurture a relationship with you, is attentive and patient and available to answer any tax question you have?

Many of the tax professionals at the Bolnick Tax Group are retired CPA tax partners and employees who are desirous of handling a certain number of clients, who love the work and value they can provide to their clients.  The experience of our team members assures that you will receive the level of attention and quality work product you expect.

To determine if the Bolnick Tax Group is right for you, our process is as simple as a 10-minute phone call to learn about your needs and our credentials.  Contact any of the following onboarding team members:

Allen Bolnick
Michael Bolnick
Christine Learnahan

(847) 347-2288
(847) 347-6674
(224) 351-2545