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CPA Firm or Practitioner Needing Tax Season Help?

The Bolnick Tax Group is an organization born out of the changing dynamics occurring today in every CPA firm and the profession.  Whether you are a sole practitioner or tax partner in a national firm responsible for an individual 1040 client base, who has likely experienced the most difficult tax seasons in their careers these past two years, the Bolnick Tax Group has created the opportunity for you to maximize your growth potential within your practice.  We offer you a solution to alleviate the stress imposed on you during the “tax season.”


**Let us purchase those "Stand Alone" 1040 clients you no longer wish to service**


**Outsource your excess workload to us**


    Why should you outsource tax preparation?

    • Eliminate the concern for having enough experienced tax staff this season
    • Avoid burning out your staff with late hours and impossible workloads.
    • Free up your most valuable staff to go after value-added work.
    • Gain access to more personnel without incurring hiring costs or taking on permanent overhead.
    • Flexibility to scale your operations on a moment's notice.


    Collaborating with Bolnick Tax Group LLC offers all the benefits of “outsourcing” without having to gain the client’s permission. It would be no different than you hiring a contract employee for the season. 

    When you have an expert ally, your business accelerates. Our firm will assist you in aligning with your goals, save you time, costs, and unwanted stress.  

    We are a firm of experienced CPA’s and seasoned tax professionals that wish to continue our careers under a business model that fulfills our “work life balance” philosophy.  We are a firm specializing in preparing individual tax returns and are available to prepare any trust, partnership, C or S Corp return. We refer out all other accounting, audit, bookkeeping, payroll, financial statement preparation type services to our friends at other reputable firms.

    Contact us now while we still have available resources to service you.

    Call or email Allen Bolnick, managing member, to discuss how we can help you.

    Phone: (847) 347-2288